The Creamery CS Server Rules

Play the map objective, this is NOT a deathmatch server. Defending hostages is not camping. Defending bombs or bomb sites is not camping. If you complain about people trying to protect the objective, you will be kicked.

Keep in mind that you may connect during the second round even though it seems like the first. If you complain about someone having a better gun in YOUR first round, you will be kicked.

When you connect, join the team with fewer players. That is the team with the lower number. If you join the team that has more players you will be kicked.

Do not switch teams if they are even. We don't care if you want to be on your brother's team. We certainly don't care if you "Hate being a CT on this map." If you switch teams when they are even you will be kicked

Do not say stupid crap repeatedly during the game. If we hear "woot" or "I 0wNeD j00" too often, you will be kicked.

This is not your AOL chat room. If you want to discuss your chemisty homework, use LoveConnection144. If you talk too damn much you will be kicked.

For the most part, we demand proper grammar. There is a big difference between "you're" and "your" even though they sound the same. If you use the improper "your" you will be kicked.

Do not get up and make a pizza during the game. If you are afk you will be kicked.

Sometimes the server is full, and Creamery guys want to play on it. If the server is full and your name catches our eye you will be kicked.

Making a joke is a big risk. If you try to be funny and are not you will be kicked.

You will be kicked WITHOUT warning for the above reasons. If you ask why you were kicked, you will be kicked.

Failure to respect these rules, Creamery Admins, and basic fashion principles will result in a ban. Bans may, or may not be permanent. Put us on busy redial to find out.

General Etiquette:

  • Keep your hands inside the APC at all times.

  • If you kill the last guy, don't empty your magazine on his dead carcass. That's just rude.